CDr: CARAVAN - Cunning Stunts

Richard Coughlan - drums & percussion
Pye Hastings - acoustic & electric guitars & vocals
Geoff Richardson - viola, acoustic & electric guitars & flute
Dave Sinclair - acoustic piano, mini moog, organ, freeman string symphonizer, fender piano & audio electric organ
Mike Wedgwood - fretless & fretful bass guitars, congas & vocals

1.The Show Of Our Lives 5:48
2.Stuck In A Hole 3:10
3.Lover 5:07
4.No Backstage Pass 4:32
5.Welcome The Day 4:02
6.Dabsong Conshirtoe:
I.The Mad Dabsong
II.Ben Karratt Rides Again
III.Pro's And Con's
IV.Wraiks And Ladders
V.Sneaking Out The Bare Quare 18:02
7.The Fear And Loathing In Tollington Park Rag 1:12

Produced by David Hitchcock & CARAVAN
Decca Records 1975
total time: 41:55