CDr: CELTIC FROST TRIBUTE - Order Of The Tyrants

1.Visual Aggression (GRIEF OF EMERALD) 4:07
2.Into The Crypts Of Rays (MARDUK) 4:09
3.Return Of The Eve (NAER MATARON) 3:18
4.Triumph Of Death (NECROPHAGIA) 10:05
5.Mesmerized (AKERCOCKE) 3:29
6.Nocturnal Fear (DIMMU BORGIR) 3:23
7.Circle Of The Tyrants (BEWITCHED) 4:47
8.Rex Irae (ORDER OF THE EBON HAND) 6:07
9.Sorrows Of The Moon (ASTARTE) 3:05
10.Babylon Fell (MELECHESH) 4:24
11.Dawn Of Meggido (ACHERON) 5:39
12.Fainted Eyes (RAGNAROK) 4:57
13.The Usurper (HYPOCRITE) 3:17
14.Beyond The Northwinds (CARRIER FLUX) 3:03

Black Lotus Records 2003
total time: 63:55