CDr: ALICE COOPER - Constrictor

Alice - vocals
Kane Roberts - guitars, bass, keyboards, background vocals, drums
David Rosenberg - drums
Donnie Kisselbach - bass guitar
Kip Winger - bass guitar
Paul Delph - keyboards, background vocals
Tom Kelly - background vocals
Beau Hill - background vocals

1.Teenage Frankenstein 3:40
2.Give It Up 4:13
3.Thrill My Gorilla 2:56
4.Life And Death Of The Party 3:45
5.Simple Disobedience 3:30
6.The World Needs Guts 3:59
7.Trick Bag 4:18
8.Crawlin' 3:22
9.The Great American Success Story 3:38
10.He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (Theme from the Motion Picture, "Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives") 3:49

Produced by Beau Hill
MCA Records 1986
total time: 37:15