CDr: COWBOY TROY - Loco Motive

1.I Play Chicken With The Train (with Big & Rich) 3:16
2.Crick In My Neck 3:20
3.Ain't Broke Yet (with Big & Rich) 4:09
4.If You Don't Wanna Love Me (with Sarah Buxton) 5:24
5.My Last Yee Haw (with Big & Rich) 3:27
6.El Tejano 3:36
7.Somebody's Smilin' On Me (with Tim McGraw And Big Kenny) 4:01
8.Do Your Thang 3:35
9.Beast On The Mic (with James Otto) 3:26
10.Whoop Whoop (with Jon Nicholson) 3:10
11.Automatic (with Atom) 4:23
12.Wrap Around The World 3:50

Produced by John Rich, Big Kenny & Paul Worley
Warner Bros. Records 2005
total time: 45:42