CDr: CRADLE OF FILTH - Bitter Suites To Succubi

Dani Filth - Lycanthroat
Robin Graves - Nocturnal Pulse
Paul - Discordant Abortion
Martin Foul - Suicide Notes/Broken Heart Strings
Gian - Minor Frets
Adrian - Nordic Thunder Cracks

1.Sin Deep My Wicked Angel 2:23
2.All Hope In Eclipse 6:39
3.Born In A Burial Gown 4:46
4.Summer Dying Fast 5:21
5.No Time To Cry 3:22
6.The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh 4:49
7.Suicide And Other Comforts 6:57
8.Dinner At Deviant's Palace 2:59
9.The Black Goddess Rises II 7:22
10.Scorched Earth Erotica 4:55

Snappers Music Records 2001
total time: 49:37