CDr: CRADLE OF FILTH - Damnation And A Day

Dani Filth - Scripture And Howls
Paul - Unrepentant White Noise
Martin Foul - Keys To Ransacked Eden
David Pubis - Poisoned Heart Throb
Adrian - Savage Repercussion

Sarah Jezebel Deva - lead angelic voice

I. Fantasia Down:
1.A Bruise Upon The Silent Moon 2:03
2.The Promise Of Fever 5:56
3.Hurt And Virtue 5:23
4.An Enemy Led The Tempest 6:12

II. Paradise Lost:
5.Damned In Any Language (A Plague On Words) 1:57
6.Better To Reign In Hell 6:11
7.Serpent Tongue 5:10
8.Carrion 4:43

III. Sewer Side Up:
9.The Mordant Liquor Of Tears 2:35
10.Presents From The Poison - Hearted 6:19
11.Doberman Pharaoh 6:03
12.Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness) 5:37

IV. The Scented Garden:
13.A Scarlet Witch Lit The Season 1:34
14.Mannequin 4:26
15.Thank God For The Suffering 6:13
16.The Smoke Of Her Burning  5:00
17.End Of Daze 1:24

Produced by Doug Cook & CRADLE OF FILTH
Sony Records 2003
total time: 76:53