CDr: DEEP FOREST - Music.Detected_

Eric Mouquet
Michel Sanchez

1.India 4:07
2.Endangered Species 6:18
3.Soul Elevator 4:12
4.Computer Machine 5:12
5.Yuki Song (featuring Beuerly Jo Scott) 5:23
6.Beauty In Your Eyes 4:23
7.Elemental (featuring Beuerly Jo Scott) 5:24
8.Far East 0:58
9.Deep Blue Sea (featuring Anggun) 4:16
10.Will You Be Ready (featuring Angela McCluskey & Chitose Hajime) 5:18
11.In The Evening 1:36
12.Dignity (featuring Beuerly Jo Scott) 5:23
13.Endangered Species (Galleon Remix Radio Edit) 4:01
14.Tokyo Street (featuring Taro Hakase) 4:46

Produced by DEEP FOREST
Epic Records 2002
total time: 61:24