CDr: DR. HOOK - Makin' Love And Music / Pleasure & Pain

"Makin' Love And Music":

1.Making Love And Music 2:46
2.Laying Too Low Too Long 3:18
3.What A Way To Go 3:39
4.Sleeping Late 3:14
5.Walk Right In 3:05
6.Who Dat ? 2:05
7.Let The Loose End Drag 2:56
8.I'm A Lamb 3:10
9.I Wanna Make The Women Tremble 2:51
10.Sexy Energy 2:36

Produced by Ron Haffkine
Capitol Records 1977

"Pleasure & Pain":

11.Sharing The Night Together 2:55
12.Sweetest Of All 2:40
13.Storms Never Last 3:23
14.I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight 3:26
15.Knowing She's There 3:28
16.Clyde 4:40
17.When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman 2:58
18.Dooley Jones 3:45
19.I Gave Her Comfort 3:14
20.All The Time In The World 2:33
21.You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance 2:23

Produced by Ron Haffkine
Capitol Records 1978
total time: 65:15