CDr: DRAGONLAND - Astronomy

Jonas Heidgert - vocals
Olof Morck - guitars
Elias Holmlid - synthesizers
Jesse Lindskog - drums
Nicklas Magnusson - guitars
Christer Pedersen - bass

1.Supernova 5:09
2.Cassiopeia 4:06
3.Contact 4:25
4.Astronomy 3:20
5.Antimatter 3:00
6.The Book Of Shadows Part IV: The Scrolls Of Geometria Divina 4:04
7.Beethoven's Nightmare 6:11
8.Too Late For Sorrow 3:36
9.Direction: Perfection 4:29
10.The Old House On The Hill Chapter I: A Death In The Family 4:30
11.The Old House On The Hill Chapter II: The Thing In The Cellar 3:08
12.The Old House On The Hill Chapter III: The Ring Of Edward Waldon 6:17

Produced by Patrick J., Olof Morck & Henrik Udd
Century Media Records 2006
total time: 52:21