CDr: EAGLES - Long Road Out Of Eden (2CD)

Glenn Frey - guitar, keyboards, bass & vocals
Don Henley - drums, percussion, guitar & vocals
Joe Walsh - guitar, keyboards & vocals
Timothy B.Schmit - bass & vocals

Disc One:

1.No More Walks In The Wood 2:00
2.How Long 3:16
3.Busy Being Fabulous 4:20
4.What Do I Do With My Heart 3:54
5.Guilty Of The Crime 3:43
6.I Don't Want To Hear Any More 4:21
7.Waiting In The Weeds 7:46
8.No More Cloudy Days 4:03
9.Fast Company 4:00
10.Do Something 5:12
11.You Are Not Alone 2:24

Disc Two:

1.Long Road Out Of Eden 10:17
2.I Dreamed There Was No War 1:37
3.Somebody 4:09
4.Frail Grasp On The Big Picture 5:46
5.Last Good Time In Town 7:07
6.I Love To Watch A Woman Dance 3:16
7.Business As Usual 5:31
8.Center Of The Universe 3:42
9.It's Your World Now 4:20
10.Hole In The World 4:19
11.Please Come Home For Christmas 3:00

Produced by EAGLES
Eagles Records 2007
total time: 98:12