CDr: ELOY - Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes

Frank Bornemann - lead vocals, all electric, acoustic & effect guitars
Klaus - Peter Matziol - vocals, thunderbird & fender fretless bass guitars
Detlev Schmidtchen - hammond organmini moog & arp synthesizers, mellotron.rmi keyboard computer, xylophpone, angelic voices
Jurgen Rosenthal - sonor genuine rosewood drums, paiste cymbals, timbales, roto - toms, temple blocks, kettle - drums, tubular bells, morse key, voice triangles, paper & flute

1.Astral Entrance 3:04
2.Master Of Sensation 6:01
3.The Apocalypse:
a.Silent Cries Divide The Nights
b.The Vision - Burning c.Force Majeure 14:55
4.Pilot To Paradise 7:04
5.De Labore Solis 5:10
6.Mighty Echoes 7:18
7.Child Migration 4:05
8.Let The Sun Rise In My Brain 3:29

Produced by Frank Bornemann & ELOY
EMI Records 1979
total time: 51:11