CDr: ELOY - Metromania

Frank Bornemann - lead vocals, guitar
Klaus Peter Matziol - bass guitar
Hannes Folberth - keyboards
Fritz Randow - drums
Hannes Arkona - lead guitar, keyboards, syncussion, vocoder

backing vocals - Sabine Matziol, "Janie" Jane James, Romy Singh, Monika+Susanne, Michael, "Flexe" Flechsig, Kalle Bosel, Rainer Przywara

1.Escape To The Heights 4:59
2.Seeds Of Creation 4:29
3.All Life Is One 6:29
4.The Stranger 4:04
5.Follow The Light 9:40
6.Nightriders 4:40
7.Metromania 6:08

Produced by Frank Bornemann
EMI/Electrola Records 1984
total time: 40:32