lead vocals - Bobby Kinball, Robin McAuley, Henry Gorman, David Barreto
guitars - Steve Lukather, Mats Bjorklund, Bernd Berwanger, Johann Daansen
bass - Dieter Petereit
keyboards - David Paich, Pit Low, Harry Baierl
sax - Mel Collins
drums - Curt Cress, Simon Phillips

1.Stairway To Heaven 9:33
2.You Are The Woman 4:33
3.One Of Your Lovers 3:45
4.Live Inside Your Dreams 3:32
5.Johnny Don't Go The Distance 6:34
6.Fire And Water 3:56
7.If You Could See You Through My Eyes 3:48
8.No One Else Will Do 3:31
9.Rock 'n' Roll Connection 3:36

Produced by Frank Farian
Arista Records 1985
total time: 42:53