CDr: CHRISTOPHER FRANKE - Babylon 5: In The Beginning

b.It Began 35 Earth Years Ago
c.Londo On Earth
d.Meet The Grey Council
e.Londo's Terrible Truth 9:34
2.a.Londo Remembers
b.Grey Council In Session
c.Decision To Go
d.Dukhat & Kosh
e.Cargo Arrival
f.Prometheus On Course
g.Delenn Induttack
h.Earth Attack 11:18
3.a.Minbari Attack
b.Troop Assembly
c.I'll See You Soon
d.Delenn In Her Quarters
e.Delenn Meets Kosh
f.The Human Allies 5:47
4.a.Franklin In Medlab
b.Franklin Arrested
c.Minbari Attack
d.Sheridan's Plan 6:42
5.a.Destroy The Black Star
b.Londo About Interception
c.Centauri Attack
d.Captured And Released 8:05
6.a.The War
b.President's Call
c.The Battle Of The Line
d.Valen's Reincarnation
e.Our Last Best Hope For Peace
f.The Story Is Never Over
g.End Credits 15:42

Produced by John Copeland
Warner Bros. Records 1996
total time: 57:11