CDr: CENTORY - Alpha Centory

Gary Carolla
Sven "DELgado" Jordan
Alex Trime

1.Alpha Centory (Intro) 1:23
2.Take It To The Limit (Radio Version) 4:07
3.The Spirit 4:52
4.Eye In The Sky 6:29
5.Can I Hear You More 5:38
6.Make A Wish (Close Your Eyes) - Part I 6:57
7.Feel Alright 4:22
8.Point Of No Return 4:24
9.What's On Your Mind 4:00
10.Make A Wish (Close Your Eyes) - Part II 7:04
11.Take It To The Limit (No Limit Remix) (Single Size) 4:14
12.Feel Alright - Unplugged 4:33

Produced by Trime'n DELgado & Carolla
EMI Electrola Records 1994
total time: 58:09