Ritchie Blackmore - electric guitars, acoustic guitars, tambourine, hurdy gurdy, mandola, renaissnace drum
Candice Night - lead & backing vocals, shawms, rauschpfeife, pennywhistles, chanters, cornamuse
Sister Of The Moon (Lady Nancy & Lady Madeline) - harmony vocals
Lord Marnen Of Wolfhurst - violin, viola
Sir Robert Of Normandie - bass
Bard David Of Larchmont - backing vocals
Mike Sorrentino - drums & percussion
Tim Cotov - backing vocals
Pat Regan & The Minstrel Hall Consort (Lady Green, Tom Brown, Gerald Flashman)

1.Way To Mandalay 6:25
2.3 Black Crows 3:43
3.Diamonds And Rust 4:54
4.Cartouche 3:48
5.Queen For A Day (Part 1) 3:05
6.Queen For A Day (Part 2) 1:36
7.Ivory Tower 4:24
8.Nur Eine Minute 1:07
9.Ghost Of A Rose 5:45
10.Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword 2:01
11.Loreley 3:36
12.Were Are We Going From Here 4:04
13.Rainbow Blues 4:30
14.All For One 5:36
15.Dandelion Wine 5:39
16.Mid Winter's Night (Live Acoustic Version) 4:45
17.Way To Mandalay (Radio Edit) 3:02

Produced by Pat Regan
Steamhammer Records 2003
total time: 68:06