CDr: BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - Secret Voyage

Ritchie Blackmore - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, swedish fiddle, hurdy gurdy, mandocello, mandola, tambourines, various percussion instruments
Candice Night - lead & backing vocals, shawms, recorders
Pat Regan - early music consort various string instruments
Gypsy Rose - violin
Bard David, Joe Castle, Jim Manngard - vocals

1.God Save The Keg 3:40
2.Locked Within The Crystal Ball 8:04
3.Gilded Cage 3:42
4.Toast To Tomorrow 3:49
5.Prince Waldecks Galliard 2:13
6.Rainbow Eyes 6:01
7.The Circle 4:48
8.Sister Gypsy 3:21
9.Can't Help Falling In Love 2:51
10.Peasants Promise 5:33
11.Far Far Away 3:54
12.Empty Words 2:40

Produced by Pat Regan
Steamhammer Records 2008
total time: 50:42