CDr: BONFIRE - Fuel To The Flames

Claus Lessmann - lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitars
Jurgen "Bam Bam" Wiehler - drums, backing vocals
Hans Ziller - lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars, talk box, backing vocals
Uwe Kohler - bass, backing vocals
Chris Lausmann - keyboards, guitars, backing vocals

1.Daytona Nights 3:51
2.Don't Go Changing Me 3:43
3.Proud Of My Country 4:57
4.Sweet Home Alabama 4:09
5.Rebel Pride 5:08
6.Goodnight Amanda 5:23
7.Ode An Die Freude 1:01
8.Thumbs Up For Europe 3:47
9.Bandit Of Love 4:43
10.Break Down The Walls 5:19
11.Heat In The Glow 3:37
12.Life After Love 5:47
13.If It Wasn't For You 5:04
14.Can't Stop Rockin' 3:31

Produced by Lessmann & Ziller
BMG Records 1999
total time: 60:07