David Bowie - vocals, guitar, pump bass, arp, tape cellos, tape horn & brass - synthetic strings, saxophones, harmonica, piano, pre - arranged percussion, synthetic strings, vibraphones, xylophones
Brian Eno - vocals, splinter mini - moog, report arp, rimmer E.M.I., guitar treatments, chemberlain, piano, synthetics
Carlos Alomar - rhythm guitar
Ricky Gardener - guitar
George Murray - bass
Roy Young - piano, farfisa organ
Dennis Davis - percussion
Mary Visconti, Iggy Pop - backing vocals
Eduard Meyer - cellos
Peter And Paul - pianos, arp

1.Speed Of Life 2:47
2.Breaking Glass 1:52
3.What In The World 2:23
4.Sound And Vision 3:03
5.Always Crashing In The Same Car 3:33
6.Be My Wife 2:56
7.A New Career In A New Town 2:53
8.Warszawa 6:23
9.Art Decade 3:47
10.Weeping Wall 3:28
11.Subterraneans 5:39

Produced by David Bowie & Tony Visconti
EMI Records 1977
total time: 38:49