CDr: ARTHUR LEE - Vindicator

Arthur Lee - vocals, rhythm guitar, piano
Don Poncher - drums
Charles Karp - lead guitar
David Hull - bass guitar
Craig Tarwater - lead guitar
Frank Fayad - bass guitar
Clarence McDonald - organ

1.Sad Song 2:20
2.You Can Save Up To 50% But You're Still A Long Ways From Home 0:17
3.Love Jumped Through My Window 2:57
4.Find Somebody 3:47
5.He Said She Said 2:18
6.Every Time I Look Up I'm Down Or White Dog (I Don't Know What That Means!) 3:57
7.Everybody's Gotta Live 3:31
8.You Want Change For Your Re - Run 4:17
9.He Knows A Lot Of Good Women (Or Scotty's Song) 3:14
10.Hamburger Breath Stinkfinger 2:44
11.Ol' Morgue Mouth 0:53
12.Busted Feet 4:54
13.Everybody's Gotta Live (previously unreleased version) 3:33
14.He Knows A Lot Of Good Women (previously unreleased version) 3:15
15.Pencil In Hand (Early version of 'He Said She Said') 2:19
16.E - Z Rider (previously unreleased, a Jimi Hendrix song) 2:59
17.Looking Glass Looking At Me (Early version of 'You Want Change For Your Re - Run') 4:18

Produced by Arthur Lee
A&M/BGO Records 1972
total time: 51:41