CDr: CHRISTOPHER FRANKE - Babylon 5: The River Of Souls

A.The River Of Souls
B.The Discovery
C.Under Attack
D.A Wonderful Day
E.Eye Pain
F."Another Day, Another Holo
G."Found Anything Lately?" 9:19
A.Babylon 5 Sweep
B.Garibaldi's Ultimatum
B.The Love Bat
D.First Contact
E.Meanwhile, Back At The Holobrothel
F."Leave Us Alone!"
G.Zack's Hallway Encounter 8:08
A.Bryson And Garibaldi
B.Soul Hunters
C.The Lost Souls Of Ralga
D.Grave Predictions 8:17
A.A Long Night
B.Back To The Holobrothel
D.Rage Unleashed
E.Lochley Into Otherworld
F."We Are Evolving." 5:49
A.Defense Activated
B."You Made A Mistake."
C.Outside Manifestation
D.Lochley Figures It Out 7:53
A.Take Action
B.Approach Bryson
C."On The Other Hand..."
D.Soul Hunter's Sacrifice
E.The Soul Sees What The Souls Sees
F."Like The Old Days."
G."Zack Was Right."
H.End Credits 10:26

Produced by John Copeland & Edgar Rothermich
Sonic Images/Warner Bros. Records 1999
total time: 49:56