CDr: CERRONE IV - The Golden Touch

guitars - Juber Larry, Pezin Slim, R. Hitchcock, Snowy
bass - M. Foster, D. Christopher, C. Pado
drums - Cerrone
percussion - Cerrone, Ray Cooper, Frank Ricotti, Marc Chantereau
synthesizer - Cerrone, G. Roddi, Don Ray
piano - L. Dixon
brass section - S. Saltsmann, T. Wadking Lowther, C. Hardie
french horns - D. Cripps, T. Hallstead, G. Carr
string solo - Ripoche
strings - M. Sillito, N. Mernich, L. Clay, O. Oxer, C. Mittchell, T. Harris, D. Gunnis, J. Davis, B. Mack, A. Daziel, P. Willison, C. Anstee
solo voices - Cerrone & K. Garner
chorus - Sunny Leslie, Sue Glover, K. Garner

01. Je Suis Music 7:48
02. Rocket In The Pocket 7:21
03. Look For Love 10:15
04. Music Of Life 6:28

Malligator/Big Break Records 1978
total time: 31:54