CD: LENNY KRAVITZ - It Is Time For A Love Revolution (Российский релиз)

CD Российского производства, заводское изготовление (штамповка).
Многостраничный буклет.

1.Love Revolution 3:14
2.Bring It On 3:35
3.Good Morning 4:17
4.Love, Love, Love 3:21
5.If You Want It 5:08
6.I'll Be Waiting 4:19
7.Will You Marry Me 3:43
8.I Love The Rain 4:44
9.A Long And Sad Goodbye 5:57
10.Dancin' Til Dawn 5:11
11.This Moment Is All There Is 5:07
12.A New Door 4:39
13.Back In Vietnam 3:45
14.I Want To Go Home 5:07
15.Again 3:48
16.Can't Get You Off My Mind 4:33
17.It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over 4:09