CD: SERENITY - War Of Ages (Российская лицензия)

Официальный, лицензионный CD Российского производства, заводское изготовление (штамповка).
Многостраничный буклет.

Group Members:
Georg Neuhauser (Henry VIII) - male vocals
Clementine Delauney (Bathory) - female vocals
Thomas Buchberger (Napoleon) - guitars
Fabio D'Amore (Nero) - bass & backing vocals
Andreas Schipfinger (Ulrich Von Jungingen) - drums & backing vocals

1.Wings Of Madness 5:51
2.The Art Of War 5:08
3.Shining Oasis 5:08
4.For Freedom's Sake 4:35
5.Age Of Glory 6:38
6.The Matricide 4:56
7.Symphony For The Quiet 4:57
8.Tannenberg 5:49
9.Legacy Of Tudors 5:01
10.Royal Pain 4:43