CD: SPIN DOCTORS - You've Got To Believe In Something (Российский релиз)

CD Российского производства, заводское изготовление (штамповка).
Состояние: Good

1.You've Got To Believe In Something 4:02
2.House 3:53
3.Dogs On A Doe 5:12
4.I Can't Believe You're Still With Her 3:44
5.She Used To Be Mine 3:35
6.She's Not You 5:07
7.To Make Me Blue 3:32
8.'Bout A Train 5:25
9.Where Angels Fear To Tread 4:02
10.If Wishes Were Horses 4:29
11.Sister Sisyphus 4:06
12.That's The Way (I Like It) 5:25